Covered with third to fourth degree burns over 70 percent of his body, the tiny baby boy shrieked in agony in a cold village field on the outskirts of Langfang, China. Horrified, villagers gathered around him and then walked away; but one older man stayed behind, gathered the child in his arms and went for help. His compassion and courage sparked a momentous chain of events; the baby left to die would bring people from different countries, faiths, and social backgrounds together in the successful battle to save his life and secure his future.


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    Saving Levi just made its 5th printing and is avaiable in 3 Languages.

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    LA Times

    "I put down Lisa Bentley's book Saving Levi ready to cheer for the spirit of a woman who refused to recognize international, cultural, or linguistic boundaries in her quest for justice on behalf of a severely burned little Chinese boy. Bentley adopted him as one of her own, displaying a grace and compassion one rarely finds today."

    United Airlines

    "I first met Lisa 12 years ago while I was the Sales Manager of United Airlines in Beijing. She came to our office and told us about a young child, Levi, who had been abandoned and left in a field to die and needed emergency surgery to live. Her story was so compelling, how could we resist wanting to try to help?
    Lisa and those who she was serving with under very difficult conditions in China, were committed so that their faith would live in actions that were in defense of those who are most vulnerable. That their efforts have been so meaningful to young children who otherwise would have been forgotten is a tribute to the sincerity of their faith and their dedication to bringing about a truly better world. "

    NPR/The Economist

    "Saving Levi is an inspiring and uplifting book about how the life of one little Chinese boy was saved. Lisa Bentley tells her own story with brutal honesty, about the difficult road that she and little Levi have walked together. It is a book about the wonders and the tragedies of modern China, but most of all about the power of prayer—and persistence—and how God's faithfulness transformed and sustained a single human life and the family who came to love him. An extraordinary tale of compassion and hope, and of God's love at work amid the tumultuous change of modern China."

    Wall Street Journal

    "I would not care to know anyone with a heart cold enough to remain unmoved by this gripping story. Lisa Bentley's complete determination to save Levi is an absolute marvel that demonstrates the power of love and resolute faith."


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    (Big Canoe, Ga)

    "This story was so amazing it was hard to believe that it was actually a true story! I highly recommend reading this book!".


    "Five Stars is not enough."


    "Get ready to cry. I have met Levi and Lisa. Amazing story! ".


    "One of my favorite books. I couldn't put it down and read it in 1 day. It is a GREAT book."


    "Great story. Filled with miracle after miracle. I was inspired to become a better person."

    LDI Mom (The South)

    "This book is a must read for anyone considering adoption. This true story will broaden your perspective. I could not put it down and read it in 3 days!"

    (Ontario, Canada)

    "This story will touch your heart at its deepest level and will remind you that with faith and a sold belief in your God, that all things are possible. Good luck little Levi!!"


    "A very fast read, which is good because it's hard to put this book down. This is a really inspirational book."

    Mamma's Art

    "I loved reading this book, in fact my husband and i read it together and we both were struck by the simple powerful honesty of lisa's writing. How amazing to watch with her as a hundred different people give love not just to one special little man; but then also pass that love on to those of us who are inspired to do the same just by reading their wonderful story. I would sit beside her and listen to her tell the tale again and again and hope it never leaves me the same!"

    Brittony (Fl)

    "This an awesome book that clearly illustrates the power of God. I read it in one sitting, with a box of tissues. It's definitely a favorite! I would love to read more books by this author."

    Ingrid (TN)

    "Saving Levi is a precious book. I couldn't put it down and had fun reading it to my kids."


    "This book is fabulous. It breaks my heart for levi and all the stuggles he had to go through just to be alive today. seventy percent of his body was third degree burnd and he had no painkiller for three days! it amazes me how stong someone so young can be. and the love and compassion his adoptive family had to save someone so near death."


    "This is an incredible and miraculous story of faith and love and family and calling and of God showing up in really big and awesome ways in the life of a child :)"


    "wow. what an incredible book. inspiring."


    "This kind of story renews my faith in human kindness, generosity, and charity."